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The Route:

Aug 9th - 4:00pm Meet-and-Greet at Holy Cross Church, Middle Musquodoboit followed by Mass and a welcome / information session.

August 10th - 23km route from Holy Cross Church, Middle Musquodoboit to Meaghers Grant Community Centre will take us along the bucolic rolling hills of the Musquodoboit Valley. This route is mainly along gravel back roads.

August 11th - 22km route from the Meaghers Grant Community Centre to the Old School, Musquodoboit Harbour mainly along the stunning Musquodoboit Trailway. Here's a link to their website:

August 12th - 18km route from Musquodoboit Harbour to Saint Threse Community Centre, Grand Desert along the mainly the Blueberry Run Trail. Here's some information on the Blueberry Run Trail. It's beautiful:

August 13th - 17km route from Grand Desert to the Lawrencetown Community Centre along the spectacular Atlantic View Trail. Here's the website:

August 14th - 16km route from Lawrencetown to Saint Andrew's Church Hall in Eastern Passage along the iconic Salt Marsh Trail. Here's their website:

August 15th - 8km, 11km or 15km option to walk from Eastern Passage to Saint Mary's Cathedral Basilica, Halifax depending whether you take one of the two ferry options or walk the MacDonald Bridge. For an urban centre, the High Flyer Trail ( and the Dartmouth Harbourwalk Trail ( are stunning. We will gather for Mass at the Cathedral at noon followed by a reception, open to the public.

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