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June 15th, 2020 Update

Dear Pilgrims and Friends of The Way of Stella Maris,

I hope this update finds you well as we journey through these disorienting and, hopefully, re-orienting times. As you know from my last email, The Way of Stella Maris as had been previously planned has been canceled but, in its place, we are excited to offer two options that will help us pray for one another, as well as for our beloved local church.

To help you make your decision to register for one of the options, please go to our website: and click on the “Download a Guide for Pilgrims 2020” button.

Here’s a brief summary of the two options we are able to offer (August 9 – 15, 2020):

Option 1: A Day-Walking Pilgrimage from Middle Musquodoboit to Halifax.

This is a six-day walk (with a prep meeting the night before) along the original Way of Stella Maris route. Pilgrims will meet at the starting point for each day’s route and maintain appropriate physical distancing as they walk. Water stations will be setup along the route. Transportation to and from the route each day is entirely the responsibility of the pilgrim. I need to emphasize this: If you choose this option, you are responsible to organize your own transportation to the starting point each day and pickup at the end of the day. Covid-19 precautions prohibit us from transporting pilgrims unless to the hospital for an emergency.

Option 2: Pilgrimage in Daily Life – A Home-based pilgrimage.

This option will provide the pilgrim with a six-day (plus a prep-day) opportunity to explore the spirituality of pilgrimage from home. Each pilgrim will create their own daily route either directly from their own home or trails that are close to their home. If you are confined to your residence for any reason and can only walk around your coffee table, well, that’s your route! You are still a pilgrim on a journey; you are still a beloved child of God and you are still called to grow in intimacy with our Merciful Lord! You are welcome to join us by following the prayer routine for each day (for more information on this, see the “Guide for Pilgrims 2020”).

After returning home each evening, the pilgrims will meet over Zoom to debrief the day, hear a reflection, and join a small group to help unpack the graces of each day.

This option is available for anyone, anywhere.

This is a really exciting option because, let’s be honest with ourselves, our faith needs to be worked out and thrive in all aspects of lives. This option will help the pilgrim draw more deeply into the intimacy of encounter with God in the midst of daily life.

For more information on both options, please click here:

To download a PDF version of the “Guide for Pilgrims 2020” please go to our website: and click on the “Download a Guide for Pilgrims 2020” button.

Registration Instructions

The cost for both Option 1 and Option two is the same: $50.


To register please email:

In the email simply indicate your name and phone number.


To pay your registration fee, you have two options:

2. send a cheque to:

Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth

1559 Brunswick St.

Halifax, NS

B3J 2G1

Make your cheque payable to “Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth” and in the memo write “The Way of Stella Maris”


If you have any questions please email:

The pilgrimage ends with Mass at Saint Mary’s Cathedral Basilica at noon on August 15th. This year will be no exception, but it will include the ordination of Patrick Salah to the diaconate! So, that’s exceptional! Having said that, I have no idea what public health protocols may or may not be in place on August 15th, so I think it’s reasonable at this point to assume we will celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the end of The Way of Stella Maris pilgrimage and Patrick’s ordination online. Details to follow on this based on public health protocols…More to follow when I know more.

Please spread the word about these pilgrimage options.

Finally, there are modest costs associated with having cancelled the pilgrimage as had been previously planned, and offering the options outlined in this email. If anyone would be willing to donate to the pilgrimage to help us keep this initiative revenue neutral, please send your donation along to the same email address or mailing address above. Please indicate that it’s a donation for The Way of Stella Maris.

As always, if you have any questions please email me at: or call 902-429-9800 EXT 329.

In Christ,

Rob Elford


902-429-2900 EXT 329

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