Hello, dear pilgrims. Well, here in Nova Scotia we are back into a fairly stringent (and reasonable!) lockdown as we deal with a third wave of COVID-19. Given the vaccination plans and public health projections, all hope is not lost for our pilgrimage plans for August 9th to 15th, 2021. Still, it is too early to make any definite plans. There is still plenty of time and as we know, much can change quickly. 

More to follow on June 1st. It is clearly too early to make any final decision but all the venues are booked in hope we can pull it off. More to follow on June 1st.


If you have any specific question please send an email to: info@thewayofstellamaris.com

The cost for this year's pilgrimage will be $235 per pilgrim (this includes all meals and t-shirt).